Bowling Leagues


  • Retired Men, 12pm
  • 3 Man, 6:30pm


  • Immaculate Conception, 10am
  • Mixed Doubles, 7pm


  • Opportunities Unlimited, 3:30pm
  • Wed. Night Misfits, 6:45pm


  • Retired Men, 12pm
  • Rivershore, 6:20pm
  • Thursday Night 4 Man, 6:30pm


  • Friday Retired Mixed, 10am
  • Friday Night Mixed, 6:30pm


  • Sat. Night EOW, 6:30pm


Notes for Leagues**

Each league has it’s own separate rules and regulations for bowlers.

  • The Monday 3 Man feature some of the top bowlers in the Niagara & Southern Ontario area.
  • The Monday 3 Man has 3 openings for teams for the 2015-2016 season.
  • The Sunday 3 Man has more spots open for teams, but new teams are subject to league approval before leagues begin next season.
  • Questions or comments about our leagues? Feel free to get in touch with Rob at 716-574-6696. Rob will help you find the best league that will fit you!
  • Check out the Lewiston Event Center League Bowlers Facebook Page